WATCH - Dwyer planned a "quiet party" after his trial

Dwyer was ready to celebrate after his trial
Dwyer was ready to celebrate after his trial

Graham Dwyer was so convinced that he would be acquitted of the murder of Elaine O'Hara that he was making plans for a celebratory return to Cork following his trial.

Dwyer was convicted of the murder of O'Hara on Friday, in one of the most remarkable trials seen in Ireland in recent years and now fresh details have emerged highlighting the confidence he had of being cleared of the charges.

"He had promised all his friends that, as soon as his name was cleared, he would travel down for a few pints and a quiet meal," an acquaintance of Dwyer told

"It was to be sort of 'thank you' to everyone for all their support and faith. He was promising that he would foot the bill as his way of saying 'thanks' for all the backing."

As more shocking details emerge from a murder tale that has gripped the Irish nation, friends of Dwyer continue to come to terms with the horror of his crime.

"No one believed it at the start because Graham just didn't seem like that kind of person," added the source. 

"Then there was all the mobile phone and computer evidence in court and suddenly people didn't know what to believe," he said.

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