Good Samaritan has his car dismantled by rescue team after aiding crash victim


One Irish motorist had his car taken apart by a rescue team after he stopped to help a car crash victim.

Paul Egan told his remarkable story on Liveline yesterday.

The 52-year-old from Sligo was driving in Leitrim when he saw a young woman in the road with a car nearby that had crashed into a wall.

The woman was injured and it was raining so Paul asked her to sit into his car. Paul told Liveline host Joe Duffy that she began to 'come in and out of consciousness' so he stayed speaking to her until the emergency services.

It was then, as Paul told Joe, that 'all hell broke loose'.

They began to start their heavy duty equipment and informed Paul that they couldn't move her from his car and would have to cut her out of his vehicle.

'The panels were taken out, the six columns were taken out, the windscreen was taken out and all my personal effects were put on the side of the road' Paul told the nation before the roof was removed from his car.

The crash victim was then taken from the car and brought to Sligo hospital.

Paul admits that at the time he was 'concerned for the poor kid' but he was left with a car that was a total write off. 

As for what happens now for Paul he told Joe 'that's where the problem arises'. His insurers are only offering Paul what he describes as a 'miserable amount of money' and his next renewal will show an accident against him even though he wasn't actually involved in the accident.

Paul has been told the scrap value of his car is just €250 and he is spending money every day to rent a car.

As he told the programme, the main thing was the welfare of the woman he helped and she got in touch with the show while he was on the air to thank Paul for his kind actions.

However, when asked by Joe if he would do the same again he answered 'absolutely' proving that his kind-heart hasn't been damaged by the bizarre situation his good deed has landed him in.