Glamour model enrolled in college to get loan for breast augmentation

Catherine Byrne
Catherine Byrne

A wannabe glamour model has revealed she enrolled at a university in order to receive a loan which she spent on a boob job.

Catherine Byrne told the Sun she had no intention of working for the degree and showed up at lectures for two weeks before dropping out. 

She pocketed £14,000 in loan money which she then spent on surgery, Botox and fillers. 

And now says she doesn't have any intention of paying it back. 

“My boob job has done more for my career than any degree could.

“People who go to university usually don’t get to use their degree.

“Most of them can’t get a job and end up working in a supermarket.”

The 29-year-old used the loan money to pay for two breast enlargements, plus Botox and collagen injections. She says she was motivated by insecurities. 

 “Growing up I had always been embarrassed of my tiny B cup breasts.

“I’d hide when I got changed in front of friends and hated wearing a bikini on holiday. I desperately wanted to be a model but I knew if I wanted to succeed like Katie Price, I needed to have bigger boobs.

“There was no way I could save enough money to have a boob job. But when my friend went to uni and told me about her student loan, it gave me an idea.”

A month into her first year of university, Catherine paid £3,600 from her £7,000 loan — £4,000 for maintenance and £3,000 for tuition — to have a breast enlargement, going from a B cup to a curvy D cup.

She says: “As soon as the money hit my account I booked in to have a breast enlargement in London and I quit my course.

“My new boobs made me feel a million times better about myself.

“I suddenly had loads more confidence and no longer felt insecure about the way I looked.

After she (obviously) failed her first year she was told she could reapply for her second year, which meant she could be the recipient of more loans. 

“I claimed I was determined to pass the course if she gave me another chance.

“She believed me and I signed up to redo the first year again. This meant I could apply for another year of loans and within weeks I was approved for another £7,000.

“I didn’t feel guilty because it wasn’t like I was stealing the money from anyone.

She subsequently used this money for more cosmetic procedures. 

To me, it would have been a waste to spend it on boring books.

“I’m the one who has really invested in my future because my bigger boobs have made me happier every single day.

“If I was going to have all that debt, I may as well have had something to show for it.”

She has been left with over £17,000 worth of debt but doesn't seem too bothered.