Gilligans burn rubbish and leave junk behind as they depart Jessbrook

Rubbish piled up outside Jessbrook
Rubbish piled up outside Jessbrook

PINT-SIZED thug John Gilligan and his family have packed their bags and left a mess behind at Jessbrook, ahead of their eviction at the hands of the Criminal Assets Bureau.

These photographs show how the Gilligans burnt rubbish in the back garden of the once pristine property while clearing out over the past number of weeks.

Bags of rubbish and beer cans can be seen lying around, while fire extinguishers and crutches are piled on a bench.


Two weeks ago the Sunday World revealed how the family have now sourced an even more impressive home in the Roscommon countryside to move to ahead of their forced eviction.

Last month the Gilligans insisted they would be homeless if they weren’t given two more years in the homes they have battled to keep from the CAB for over 21 years. 

The Supreme Court allowed them a further three months to move on, but we revealed how the family have already obtained a stunning pad which they had hoped to keep as a secret hideout for Gilligan, who has survived two attempts on his life since being freed from prison.

Over the past number of weeks Gilligan has been working late into the night to take with him every scrap he can from his tree-lined bungalow, which CAB has battled to take from him.

He dismantled fencing, pulled stakes from the ground and even removed a gate from the perimeter of the property. 

Days later daughter Tracey Gilligan arrived at his rural hideaway in Co. Roscommon and accepted delivery of the same fencing from a workman.


It is not known why the Gilligans would want fencing from Jessbrook at the new property, which is surrounded by farmland and grazing bulls.

However, any items that are the property of the State are not the Gilligans to take, as they are part of the Jessbrook property, which is located beside the massive equestrian centre seized by CAB.

Gilligan has remained close with a handful of contacts from the criminal underworld, including Troy Jordan.

He also forged tight links with the Dundon crime gang behind bars and was under the protection of the Limerick mob for almost two years after he was shot following his release from prison. 

It is understood he moved around halting sites in England after surviving an assassination attempt at his brother Thomas’s house.

However, he returned to Ireland last year and is believed to have been hiding out at Jessbrook ever since, where his behaviour has become more and more unusual.

For weeks the unmistakable noise of a chainsaw was all that could be heard from the bungalow at Jessbrook, where John and Geraldine Gilligan once lived like Lord and Lady Muck.

The couple have few visitors and locals say they live like recluses since a decision by the Supreme Court ended their mammoth battle against CAB.