Giant rats are poison resistant and descending upon Irish households

Giant rats are poison resistant and descending upon Irish households

Irish pest control experts are being contacted more than 50 times a day as giant, poison resistant rats descent upon homes throughout the nation.

King rats are venturing further into residential areas as winter sets in, in search of food and shelter.

Vermin experts are now warning that the spread of rats is being accelerated by homeowners using over the counter poisons which the rodents are building up immunity to.

They say that the increase in numbers and size of rats is being fuelled by ineffective remedies like toxic pellets.

Pest controller Trevor Hayden, who works with the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use Ireland, told the Mirror:

“There is evidence rats are getting bigger and not being affected by poisons, because they’ve built up a resistance to them.

“There’s not much natural food around during colder weather, so the population of rats in and around homes and business premises is likely to increase even more during winter. But the problem is people who try to tackle the problem themselves could be making things worse, as the rats appear to be growing immune to some poisons and are increasing in size by feeding off them.”

Mr Haden, who runs Complete Pest Control, warned that even effective poisons can cause issues.

“People are buying poisons from hardware shops and not putting enough down. But our advice is not to put poisons down, because it’s also a roll of the dice where the rats will die, as it can take a couple of days for the poisons to work. “

“At the moment rats are dominating our business. I’d say we’re getting around 50 calls a day.

“The colder weather is setting in and the rats don’t want to be outside.”

Rentokil Ireland reported a 34 per cent increase in call outs between September and November compared with the same period last year, reports the Mirror.