Giant inflatable Minion causes havoc in Dublin

Havoc: The giant inflatable Minion stopping traffic
Havoc: The giant inflatable Minion stopping traffic

A giant inflatable Minion caused havoc in Dublin today after strong winds lifted it into the path of motorists.

Gardai were called to the scene in Santry in north Dublin after the inflatable Minion got loose and rolled out onto the Old Swords Road. 

The giant prop was stopped and his air was let out, but not before he caused some traffic problems at around 3pm. 

It was reported a motorist's wing mirror was also damaged but nobody was injured. 

Erin Van Londen snapped the images and uploaded them to her Facebook page.

It is believed the inflatable Minion is being used by Omniplex to promote the film.

However, it may be linked to a funfair which is being held nearby. 

Minions have become internationally recognised characters since the release of Despicable Me several years ago. 

The first film grossed over $540,000,000 around the world, and the third film is set to be released in 2017.