Gerry McCann receives torrent of abuse after TV appearance

Kate and Gerry McCann still searching for their missing daughter Madeleine
Kate and Gerry McCann still searching for their missing daughter Madeleine

Gerry McCann appeared on BBC news to voice his concern about press intrusion in the UK - and was then subjected to hours of abuse by a host of unsympathetic viewers on Twitter.

The McCann's hit the headlines back in May 2007 when their daughter Madeleine vanished from their holiday villa in Portugal, sparking a worldwide search that has so far failed to find the youngster who would now be 13.

Gerry and his wife Kate have been the subject of huge media scrutiny in the years since Madeleine’s disappearance, with their desire to court publicity in the bid to promote the search for their missing daughter sparking an often vitriolic level of abuse for the couple.

“The Prime Minister promised us that the victims would remains at the centre of press regulations, but we feel that our views are now being pushed aside and the press barons are now at the centre of this again,” McCann told the BBC.

“We have not seen too many changes with the press. It is incredibly intimidating for people to take on massive media organisations legally. We want proper regulation for the press.”

McCann’s appearance after a period away from the media spotlight served to highlight the level of animosity that remains regarding him and his wife Kate, with his name trending on Twitter in the aftermath of all the mentions, the vast majority of which were not suitable for publication.

There was criticism over reports the McCanns had used a high-profile PR company to help them keep the campaign to find their daughter in the media while others were unhappy that a fresh appeal to help find his daughter was not made.