George Hook robbed ladies’ underwear and wore them to bed

George Hook
George Hook

Broadcaster and former rugby pundit George Hook has confessed to robbing women’s underwear as a teenage boy.

“I wore ladies’ underwear when I was a schoolboy. I was 14. I used to steal them from the drawer of a mother of a school friend of mine. I did it because I liked,” he told the Sunday Independent.

The Newstalk host added: “It was really interesting as to where I might have gone at that point – at 14.”

“Now, there was no way I could have gone anywhere else if I was gay, I’d go to jail because it was illegal, and you never heard of a transgender person in 1956, so I wasn’t going anywhere.”

These days, he said, "at 14, every second person you meet is gay, so wearing women's clothes isn't a problem anymore.

“ If I was 14 now and wearing women's knickers, who knows that I wouldn't be transgender?

“The reason I wasn't was because of society".

"Lucky for me like, I think I wouldn't. Like, it would've been a bit strange in a dressing room after a rugby match."

But, he says: "I understand completely a woman in a man's body. I get that."

75-year-old Hook admitted that he gave ladies’ underwear another shot in his 40s.

"I think I was in Birmingham and I [went into a shop] and tried it but it didn't have the same effect."

Then, when asked by the Sunday Independent’s Niamh Horan “what effect the women’s underwear had on him at 14, he looked the columnist right in the eye and said:

"Are you trying to ask me how I masturbate?"

To which Horan replied “well, was it for comfort or was it sexual?

"It had nothing to do with comfort," admitted the opinionated broadcaster.