'Gee-eyed' Irish man rescued after getting stuck while napping on shop roof

(Pic: Facebook/Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services)
(Pic: Facebook/Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services)

Australian authorities had to rescue a drunken Irish man who decided to get some shut eye on a Darwin shop rooftop this morning.

The man, who is on a backpacking adventure in Australia, woke up after his drunken kip this morning to find himself stranded on the rooftop.

The Ireland native told Australian police that he had no recollection of how he managed to get on top of the building, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Northern Territory Police released the following statement on Facebook:

"Every now and again we respond to community calls for assistance that do not always make total sense.

“[This morning we found] a backpacker stuck up on a roof after the 'Gee-Eyed' male decided this was a good place for a 'kip'.


The Irish man being rescued from the rooftop (Pic: Facebook/Northern Territory Police)

"Acting Sgt Jacqueline Lynden said after the rescue: "He promised to walk home and not get into any more vulnerable situations".

"Yes he was issued with an infringement notice for his adventure."

Senior Sergeant Smith told AAP that his interpretation of "gee-eyed" was "Irish slang for blind drunk, basically".

He further stated that the Irish man told police he didn't have a clue about how he made it onto the roof in the first place.

"It's got to give you a giggle but we've also got to be serious, we're talking about a very intoxicated person who has no recollection of climbing up to a very high place and falling asleep, he could have fallen and injured himself or a pedestrian," he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"You've got to roll your eyes, but also what do what you do, it's just part of Darwin."