Gay Byrne calls Garda Siochana a 'majorly dysfunctional force'

Gay Byrne
Gay Byrne

Gay Byrne has said that there needs to be a complete re-writing of the drink driving laws in Ireland, while he also called the gardai a 'majorly dysfunctional force'

Byrne, the former chair of the Road Safety Authority, was on Newstalk's Breakfast show in the aftermath of the harrowing victim impact statement by Gillian Treacy that was read out in court yesterday.

Gillian's four-year-old son Ciaran was killed in a car crash last year and at a sentencing hearing for Finbarr O'Rourke, the drunk driver who caused the crash, the statement that was read out moved the nation.

Byrne was asked by Ivan Yates about how drink driving laws are policed and processed in Ireland and he was very blunt in his assessment.

Byrne claimed the 'whole system was in disarray' and he claimed that the Gardai were a 'majorly dysfunctional force'. He also referenced an anecdote where a member of the force told him that it wasn't that the force wasn't well managed, it wasn't managed at all, and that he agreed fully with that Guard's view.

When pressed on what could make the situation better, Byrne believed it was simply to have 'more enforcement' and that there needed to be 'more cops on the beat'.

The conversation then turned to the courts and judiciary, which Byrne dubbed as 'daft and mad and completely scandalous'.

He expressed frustration at the lack of consistency in sentencing across the country and called for a major overhaul of Ireland's drink driving laws.

'The law needs to be completely rewritten, from top to bottom' he said.

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