Some potential good news for Garth Brooks fans ...

'Make it up': Brooks told the BBC about his desire to come back
'Make it up': Brooks told the BBC about his desire to come back

The cancelled Croke park contracts were a huge story last year and now the man at the centre of the debacle has spoken about trying once again to play some concerts here.

There may be hope on the horizon for the many disappointed Garth Brooks fans in Ireland.

The singer, who infamously had five concerts in Croke Park cancelled last year, has spoken to the BBC about his desire to come back and play a gig here to 'make it up' to his Irish fans.

The country music superstar spoke to Patrick Kielty in Boston for his BBC Radio 2 show and the interview was broadcast back in March.

However, the Irish aspect was cut out of the broadcast. Now Kielty has spoken to the Irish Daily Star and he has confirmed to them that future shows in Ireland are something he wants.

"We did talk about the Ireland thing, but because the show was going out on Radio 2 and there's a lot of mainland country fans...," said Kielty.

"[Garth] said, 'Well it was one of those things, we couldn't make it work' and he was gutted and he wants to try and fit it back in the tour and all these things."

Great news for the singer's many fans, if he can find a venue to play in of course.