Gardai warn 23 members of Kinahan mob that their lives are in danger

Daniel and Christy Kinahan Jnr
Daniel and Christy Kinahan Jnr

Gardai have warned virtually every member of the Kinahan crime cartel that their lives are officially in danger.

According to a report in the Sun today, officers have issued official warnings, known as Garda Information Messages, to members of the gang including Daniel Kinahan, his brother Christy Jnr, Liam Byrne, Fat Freddie Thompson and Liam Roe.


The report also says that members of the Hutch family have also been issued with similar warnings.

We have reported that Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch has a €1m bounty on his head.

It is now over three weeks since the attack at the Regency Hotel that left Kinahan gang mamber David Byrne dead and it is only a week since Eddie Hutch, shot dead in retaliation for that murder, was laid to rest.

However, tensions remain high and gardai are on high alert to prevent a further escalation of the feud.

Operation Hybrid, as the garda operation is known, has been very active this week.

On Wednesday  Gardai combed the Clontarf home of Gerry Hutch. Up to 10 officers were involved in the 7am search - one of 11 to take place across the capital.

Hutch was not at the property during the raid. However, a relative is believed to have assisted gardai with their search.

Sources have revealed that a number of laptops, mobile phones, bank statements, travel documents and other paperwork were seized. Similar items were also taken into evidence during planned searches at residences associated with key Hutch gang members across the city.

Some 100 officers took part in the dawn raids that were spearheaded by gardai from Ballymun. Properties were stormed across the city.

No arrests were made following the searches.