Gardai using profiling software to predict where crime gangs will strike

Gardai using advanced software to tackle crime
Gardai using advanced software to tackle crime

Gardai are using advanced computer software to profile the country's burglars and crime gangs in a bid to predict where they may hit next.

A report in today's Daily Mail says that the Gardai are using a system called Potential Suspect Identifier to combat the courge of rural burglary.

The system uses a raft of data, from the Gardai's own PULSE system and other sources, to draw up patterns of behaviour.

It can be used against both individual criminals and crime gangs and it not only allows them to identify culprits by their tell-tale traits, it has the potential to even predict where they might strike next.

It uses information that has been collected on methods, equipment and locations used to build up a picture of the country's most prolific thieves.

The Gardai currently have just under 30 analysts sifting through data but that number will soon be over 40 as use of this type of police work is ramped up in conjunction with Operation Thor, a Garda initiative to tackle rural crime.

As well as tackling break ins, the software is also being used to take on the problem of assaults.

Gardai are to be given 'heatmaps' of areas with the most recorded assaults so they can target their patrols on those areas.