Gardai threatened by gun and bomb wielding criminals who shot up station

Carbury Garda Station
Carbury Garda Station

Garda top brass have officially warned officers in one rural station that their lives are in danger.

Six officers stationed at Carbury Garda Station, Co Kildare, have been threatened by a local crime gang who have been terrorising the village for years.

Garda management have issued a Garda Information Message (GIM) notice warning officers that their lives are in immediate danger.

Some gardai have already been subjected to threats and intimidation by members of the local gang.

The officers, in fear of a attacks, now park their personal cars at another station and are driven to work in a squad car.

The station in Carbury has so far been shot up by two armed thugs who also tried to set the building alight.

One officer’s home was targeted with a petrol bomb.

The local criminals in their campaign of terror have stolen and torched 12 cars in the area purely because they suspect the owners were in contact with gardai.

Reports indicate that gardai have been targeting the group of criminals from the Kildare area for the last two years after the gangsters became enraged that officers were investigating them.

Local gardai say they are angered with the slow response from management.

One officer has had CCTV and panic alarms installed in his home due to the campaign of intimidation.

Senior gardai have assured the officers that the threats will not be tolerated.

A garda spokesman confirmed that the force was probing the incidents and said they were being taken very seriously.