Gardai on the hunt for fifth man involved in murder of Eddie Hutch

Eddie Hutch Snr
Eddie Hutch Snr

GARDAI are hunting for a fifth man they believe was involved in the murder of Eddie Hutch Snr at his home in Dublin’s north inner city.

The news comes as new details emerged about how the killers fled from the scene after murdering the innocent taxi driver on the night of Monday February 8.

Yesterday, gardai searched for the commercial Toyota Landcruiser they believe was used by the murder gang.

It was originally believed that four men were involved in the brutal murder – but the Herald can disclose that detectives are hunting for a fifth suspect.

It is understood this man drove the four-man murder team away from St Patrick’s Parade in Drumcondra minutes after Hutch was shot dead.

Eddie was gunned down in his family home at Poplar Row in apparent retaliation for the murder of David Byrne at the Regency Hotel.

Immediately after the savage murder, in which Hutch was riddled with bullets, the four men escaped in a silver S series 06-reg BMW car. It was then abandoned at St Patrick’s Parade.

It has now emerged the four killers ran from the BMW to the Landcruiser, which had no back seats, and all the suspects lay down in the back of the vehicle.

None of the criminals had their faces covered when they jumped into the jeep and the incident has been caught on CCTV.

The Landcruiser then sped away from the area, but was parked at another north inner city location and the killers then fled on foot.

It is understood the vehicle was moved from that location a few days later and it is suspected that it was later driven to the Tallaght area.

Hutch’s killers failed to burn out the BMW they used as their initial escape vehicle, which may have resulted in crucial DNA evidence being found.

It is understood they were “spooked” because of the large garda presence in the area.

A petrol can was found inside the car, which was a clear indication they wanted to burn the vehicle out – but gardai believe the killers were forced to make a hasty escape.

The investigation into the murder of Eddie Hutch Snr is being led by detectives based at Mountjoy Garda Station and no arrests have yet been made.

This is despite officers being able to quickly establish the identities of the suspected fourman hit-team. It has emerged that each of the suspects has
been able to provide gardai with an alibi for where they were on the night of the murder.

The Christy Kinahan cartel are the chief suspects for the shocking revenge murder of “soft target” Eddie Hutch Snr.