Gardai on alert as dangerous trio of criminals are readied to carry out further feud attacks

Gardai on alert as dangerous trio of criminals are readied to carry out further feud attacks

Gardai are on high alert after identifying three of the capital's most dangerous criminals who are working for the Hutch mob and are considered to be the most likely to carry out further feud murders.

The trio are all from Dublin's north inner city and all have served lengthy jail sentences in relation to botched cash-in-transit robberies.

One of the criminals, who is in his 30s, has very close links to jailed gangster Derek 'Del Boy' Hutch with whom he was previously involved in a number of major crimes.

Gardai have been investigating whether this thug, who was released from prison last year, was one of the AK-47 gunmen who were dressed as fake gardai in the Regency Hotel gun attack on February 5.

Rival mobster David Byrne was shot dead and two of his pals were injured during the attack.

He is also being investigated for his alleged role in organising the hotel bloodbath.

Sources have also revealed that the same criminal is very close to the young hitman who was disguised as a woman when he was photographed fleeing the hotel.

It has emerged that the criminal, who is said to have a pathological hatred of gardai, has been officially warned about an active threat against his life.

Two other north inner city criminals are also being closely monitored by gardai who believe that they could be used at a "minute's notice" to carry out the murder of a rival Kinahan cartel member.

The dangerous duo, who are aged in their 40s, have been out of a prison since 2013. They served sentences together after being busted following a major surveillance operation by the gardai's Organised Crime Unit.

One of the criminals is classified as one of the most dangerous "guns for hire" in the country.

"These three individuals have well over 100 previous criminal convictions between them and they are considered extremely dangerous and ruthless men," a source said.

"Gardai have been working on the belief that these are the individuals who will be tasked with carrying out the next feud-related attack on behalf of the Hutch organised crime gang.

"None of these men are actually related to the Hutch family but they have been closely associated with the gang since they were teenagers and also while they served time in prison."