Gardai investigating dog found tied to tree in horrific condition (Warning: Graphic)

Sick: The injured dog was found tied to a tree in Portlaoise
Sick: The injured dog was found tied to a tree in Portlaoise

Gardai are investigating the discovery of a dog found in horrible condition tied to a tree.

A young lady rang Laois Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals two days ago to say she had found a dog tied to a tree. 

The LSPCA said one of their volunteers went immediately to the housing estate in Portlaoise. There they found the dog in horrific condition - tied to a tree. 

"The dog had been hidden in bushes and was well hidden away from the public eye", the LSPCA said. "The volunteer could not believe what she saw, this poor dog huddled in the corner, shaking with fear as she approached him.

"He was untied and bundled up in a towel and rushed to the vets. He was immediately treated for shock, received anti-inflammatory and pain relief. He was also started on an antibiotic. His condition stabilized and he was made comfortable.

"He will be having x-rays tomorrow on his front right leg which is injured badly and he battles to put weight on it. He will also have his eyes examined as the mucous membranes in his eyes are very swollen and inflamed.

"The lacerations that this dog has all over him look to be bites which could possibly be linked to dog baiting. He already has old bite wound scars on his face."

The charity has named the injured Staffie 'Buzz', and yesterday said he was recuperating and receiving treatment for his wounds. 

"He is receiving fluids and two sets of antibiotics, one of which is being given intravenously. He is also on strong painkillers to make him as comfortable as possible.
"He has an ulcer in his left eye and bruising on his right eye. He also has a large swelling/bruising under his jaw, consistent with a bang or tugging. The vet has decided to hold back on the x-ray for his leg at the moment, but it can be done at a later stage if necessary. They are trying to keep him as comfortable as possible at the moment.
"Good news is this little boy LOVES his food and is eating like a horse, which is brilliant as he needs to regain his strength. All the poor boy is doing at the moment is sleeping and eating."
They are appealing for anybody who may have information regarding the injured animal to contact Gardai right away. 
"We are pleading again to anyone who has any information to PLEASE contact us or the Portlaoise Garda. All information will be strictly confidential."