Gardai hunting cowards who hung dog from railing until it died (Warning)

Gardai have launched an investigation
Gardai have launched an investigation

Distressing images of a hanged dog left to die in a park have sparked an investigation by Gardai.

Warning: This article contains images some people may find distressing. 

The dog, identified as a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, was found hanging from a 15ft railing on the Model Farm Road in Cork last Sunday afternoon.

A man named Joe, who happened upon the harrowing scene, told The Neil Prendeville Show on Cork’s Red FM he felt sickened by what he found. 

"I saw a dog staring over the fence, and I thought it he chasing a rabbit or something," he said.

"Normally a dog is all action, but it this one was a statue. So, I looked at him for a while and that was when I saw the lead.

"The lead was taut, pressing on the dog’s throat and then lodged at the top of the fence."

He said he immediately phoned the police as he believed the dog was killed deliberately. 

"It was on its tiptoes and its paws were on the wall... this was not an accident.

"The pictures speak for themselves. I alerted the Gardaí and in fairness they came out immediately.

"They were also pretty disgusted by what they saw as any normal person would be. The dog’s legs are still on the ground so death must not have come quickly."

The Cork Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (CSPCA) said they are working with gardai to catch those responsible.

Vincent Cashman said: “This was no accident. It was obviously deliberate.

"We are dealing with some very sad individuals, there are huge question marks on the mental stability of the people involved.”

"We have no reports of a dogs matching that description being lost or stolen.

"We are liaising with the gardai – once we have the dog in we’ll be looking for a chip and consulting CCTV in the area."

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the CSPCA on 021 451 5534. or Togher Garda Station on 021 494 7120.

Images were sent into Cork's Red FM