Gardai arrest bogus taxi driver as he drove woman home

NewsBy Sunday World
An image posted by Gardai on Twitter of the incident
An image posted by Gardai on Twitter of the incident

A fake taxi driver operating in Dublin was arrested last night by Gardaí as he was driving a female passenger home.

The bogus cabby was pulled over by members of the Dublin Metropolitan Region (DMR) traffic corps who were suspicious of the car, which had a fake roof sign and door stickers.

Investigating, Gardaí found that the vehicle had no tax or NCT and that its driver was also disqualified.

They also discovered a female passenger in the car, who was unaware that the taxi was fake.

Gardaí confirmed that the operator of the bogus taxi was arrested at the scene.

Anyone unsure if a taxi driver is registered can quickly check by using the ‘Taxi Driver Check’ app from the National Transport Authority.

This site can also be used to see if a taxi cab or its driver is legitimate.

Users can search by the car registration number, the vehicle taxi licence number, the driver.