Gardai warn of gang trying to con people in forged money scam

Gardai issue warning to householders about scam
Gardai issue warning to householders about scam

Gardai have warned households to be on the look out for a gang who are trying to steal money by pretending to check for counterfeit notes.

According to today's Irish Daily Star the two-man gang have been calling to homes of elderly people in the Glenfin area of Donegal pretending to be detectives from the Gardai.

They ask the homeowner if they have any notes in the house as they want to check for forged currency.

In one case, the homeowner handed over €700 which the gang then asked to take outside so they could examine the cash in daylight.

The arrival of a neighbour may have saved the day as the two men then returned the cash and left.

The men were seen travelling in a green Toyota Avensis with a registration of 01 KY.

The warning comes on the same day that a new version of the €20 note goes into circulation.

In recent years we have had new designs for the €5 and €10 note go into use and today marks the securtity upgrade of the €20.

The note is the same size and of similar appearance to the existing note - but has additional security features including a portrait watermark of the Greek goddess Europa, and raised lines along the side of the note.

Part of the reason for the redesign is to reflect new countries that have joined the EU since the old notes were issued.

The existing €20 note remains legal tender, and the new €20 will circulate alongside it.

The total number of €20 banknotes in circulation in the euro area was 3.2 billion as at end-October 2015.