Garda speeding clampdown in operation today

Garda speeding clampdown in operation today

A garda clampdown on speeding on Irish roads began today in the form of National Slow Down Day.

The Slow Down initiative began at 7am and will operate for 24 hours, and a total of 1,031 stretches of roads will have speed enforcement from May 27.

A total of 50 GoSafe speed detection vans and eight garda vehicles will patrol the zones, which are located on all kinds of roads.

The new safety camera locations can be found HERE, details are given in longitude and latitude which can be entered into Google Maps.

A map can also be viewed HERE.

A garda spokesperson said the aim of the initiative is to act as a deterrent to driving at speed, and to remind drivers of the dangers of speeding.

“As a general rule a 1pc reduction in average speed will bring about a 4pc reduction in fatal collisions, and this is why reducing motorists’ speed is essential to improving road safety. As of today’s date there have been 68 road fatalities, 13 more than this date in 2015.”

Chief Superintendent Aidan Reid, Garda National Traffic Bureau said: "As of today’s date, 13 more people have died on our roads compared to this date last year, with excessive and inappropriate speed being a major factor in many of these collisions. We urgently need to focus on this stark fact and re-double our efforts to ensure our roads are as safe as they can be.”

"We are asking all drivers to support the National "Slow Down” day and not exceed the posted speed limit, but also as importantly, by adjusting their speed to all the road, traffic and weather conditions they face at that time. It goes without saying this is not only for one day, but for every day. We are asking people to support it, slow down and save lives,” he said.