Garda-killer had arms and ammo cache ready for rampage

Adrian Crevan Mackin
Adrian Crevan Mackin

Garda-killer Adrian Crevan Mackin had a second Glock handgun, 700 rounds of ammunition and a number of jerry-cans full of petrol because he was planning a bigger attack, investigators believe.

Gardai discovered the cache when they searched Crevan Mackin’s car following the gun attack on his former partner Siobhán Phillips and Garda Tony Golden.

"The second hand gun was a working firearm and was found with a very large quantity of ammunition in the car and cans of petrol... it is clear that Crevan Mackin was planning a much bigger attack last Sunday evening," a source told the Irish Independent

"As the background to this horrific incident is being unravelled, it is becoming clear that Crevan Mackin was intent on murder and may also have been contemplating attacking Siobhán's family.

"The picture that is emerging is of a completely out-of-control, extremely violent individual.

"There will be questions to be asked in coming days and weeks as to why more information was not sent to the Garda authorities because it may have changed the way gardaí approached Mackin," the source added.

Gardai believe that they will find more weapons and ammunition stored in Crevan Mackin’s house when the start a search of the property in Omeath, Co Louth.

The search is expected to take several days.

The thug, who had a penchant for extreme animal porn, had been ordering deactivated guns online from the US.

Then, separately, he was ordering the gun parts from various websites which would reactivate the decommissioned firearms.

The 24-year-old brute was previously deemed to be “extremely dangerous” by a psychologist who said he was likely to pose a serious threat to others, particularly Siobhán Phillips.

Adrian Crevan Mackin was on bail for IRA membership when he shot his partner Ms Philips, leaving her critically injured and murdered Garda Tony Golden.

Yesterday as many as 4,000 gardai attended Gda Golden’s state funeral in Blackrock, Co Louth.