Gangland shooting survivor hit in the groin enjoys lavish wedding

Glen Kiely
Glen Kiely

GANGLAND shooting survivor Glen Kiely wed his long-term love in a lavish ceremony last weekend, less than eight months after surviving a shooting in which bullet fragments lodged in his groin.

Kiely (30), who has more than 40 convictions, survived an attempt on his life in January when a hitman shot him a number of times in Ballymun, North Dublin.

He had to undergo surgery to remove the fragments of bullets from his privates following the botched assassination attempt.

The shooting has been linked to an escalating feud in the Ballymun area which has seen a number of other shootings and violent attacks in recent weeks. The armed support unit have become a more common sight on the streets of Ballymun in recent weeks as Gardaí try to prevent bloodshed linked to the feud. 

Gardaí were concerned gunmen might even try to target Kiely and other associates at his wedding in Courtown. Co. Wexford last weekend.  

However, the day passed off peacefully and without incident.


The lucky-to-be-alive groom and his bride Nicole were married in a marquee tent on the grounds of a luxurious hotel in north Wexford last weekend.

Among those in attendance was Kiely’s notorious robber father Larry Brazil (52), who received a suspended sentence last year after he was caught by a hero cop armed with a traffic cone during a robbery on December 17, 2013. 

Other guests including Daniel Davis (30), from Sandyhill Way in Ballymun, who was sentenced to seven years with two suspended after being caught with nearly €4m worth of heroin in his car nine years ago.

Davis is not involved in the feud, which has escalated in recent weeks. Kiely’s father tried to act as a peacemaker in the feud, but has been unable to get the two sides to stop fighting.

The most recent attack linked to the feud took place on Friday night when a young associate of Kiely’s was violently assaulted by members of the rival gang. 

The rival crew have links to a well-known Ballymun criminal with links to the New INLA. 

Sources said Kiely’s associate got a “bad enough hiding” from younger associates of the New INLA man. 

There have been several gun attacks as well as assaults in recent weeks. 

There were three gun attacks on homes of people in Ballymun and further afield earlier this month.

No-one was injured in the shooting incidents two weeks ago.

Two were targeted at homes of people linked to Kiely, including a man who was recently jailed for unrelated offences and a woman who is friends with Kiely. 

The man was supposed to be in attendance at Kiely’s wedding yesterday, but couldn’t make it as he was jailed. 

Another home targeted was linked to a man on the other side of the feud. 


Kiely was hoping to avoid feud-linked incidents as he got married to his long-term partner.

Sources said he kept a low profile in the days running up to the wedding and wasn’t spotted around Ballymun. 

As well as the gun attack on Kiely in January there have been several other incidents linked to the feud, including a gun attack on three teenagers, a violent street battle and pipe bomb incidents. 

Three teenagers were hospitalised after a man opened fire on them with a shotgun at Shangan Green in June in an attack linked to the feud.  

One 16-year-old and two 17-year-olds were hospitalised for relatively minor injuries following the attack. 

The same week as that shooting incident there were two hoax pipe bomb attacks in the suburb linked to the bitter feud. 

One week earlier Kiely’s associates were involved in a brawl linked to the feud which left a number of people injured. 

Kiely is not involved in the Kinahan-Hutch feud, but is on friendly terms with people linked to the Hutch faction, including James ‘Mago’ Gately, who survived an attempt on his life when a gunman opened fire on him outside a petrol station in north Dublin earlier this year. 

Gardaí were keeping a watchful eye to see if Gately would turn up at the wedding.