Gangland criminal Bradley "needs to be careful" following release

Wayne and his brother Alan
Wayne and his brother Alan

Newly-released Wayne Bradley faces an uncertain future following the completion of a prison sentence for his role in a failed €1 million heist.

Wayne, brother of Alan 'Fatpuss Bradley, was released from Portlaoise Prison yesterday after almost four years behind bars. 

Dressed in a pair blue shorts and wearing a black jacket the Finglas criminal left the high-security prison into a world of uncertainty. 

Carrying a large navy bag, the 36-year-old covered his face with an envelope to hide his identity before giving waiting photographers the middle finger. 

He was driven back to Dublin to begin readjusting to a gang landscape he is more than likely unfamiliar with. 

Sources say he fallen foul of some of his key former associates in the feared mob that was once led by slain criminal Eamon "The Don" Dunne.

"There is no doubt that Wayne faces an uncertain future, especially when you consider that his older brother Alan "Fatpuss" Bradley is not around to protect him.

"He is not the flavour of the month with a number of fellows that he used to pal around with when Eamon Dunne was alive, so he needs to be careful," a source said.

His brother Alan is not due for release until late next year. 

Bradley – who was a key associate of murdered crime boss Dunne – was transferred to Mountjoy Prison’s Training Unit from Limerick Prison in 2014. He was subsequently set upon by two brothers in an exercise yard in Mountjoy. 

Jamie Griffin and his violent brother Leon (25) were involved in the savage assault on Bradley which left him in hospital for two weeks over the Christmas period, 

The violent  sublings were also involved in a separate attack on gangland criminal Derek 'Del Boy' Hutch in Mountjoy last month.

Bradley was then moved in January of this year to Portlaose Prison where he has been housed until now. 

The audacious Tesco heist plot was spearheaded by gangland figure Eamon 'the Don' Dunne, who was arrested along with the heist team at the scene. 

Three other men were also sentenced for their roles including a Chubb Ireland employee who acted as an “inside man”.

But the massive heist was foiled after a lengthy Garda surveillance operation and the gang was caught in the act. 

His associate, the notorious 'Don', would be assassinated in Dublin before the gang would be convicted for the failed heist. 

Upon Wayne Bradley's release, he will be closely monitored by armed officers, who will also play a role in protecting him after he became involved in a number of disputes in jail.

Sources say that a number of threats have been made to the Finglas criminal from rival gangsters and he "would be best advised to keep his head down" in the coming weeks.

The beating inflicted on Bradley led to fears of a gangland bloodbath between the two factions, but there have not been any major incidents since the brutal assault.

However, gardai are on alert that a feud may kick off now that Bradley is free.