Anger over 'IRA mission' in new Mafia 3 game for Xbox and Playstation

A grab from the game Mafia 3
A grab from the game Mafia 3

Unionist politicians have described their anger over an 'IRA mission' in a blockbuster new computer game.

The successful 'Mafia' franchise, known for its elaborate story lines and lifelike action scenes, released its latest addition last week, Mafia 3, for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

It features a new fantasy story line in which the main character, Thomas Burke, is asked to steal cars for the IRA in order to plant bombs in Belfast.

In the mission entitled 'IRA Don't Ask', 'Burke', voiced by Irish actor Barry O'Rourke explains that the cars are to "keep the law in Belfast guessin' when things go - BOOM!"

The game was developed by 2K Games, a company behind highly successful titles such as Borderlands and BioShock.

TUV MLA and leader Jim Allister told the Irish News when developers "use the name of an actual terrorist organisation in this fashion they are being even more insensitive as victims were directly impacted by actions such as those portrayed in this game.

“This game would appear to treat the IRA in a fashion which is grossly offensive to the many people who suffered as a result of IRA bombs.

“This may be viewed as another clever way of earning money by some but it is most insensitive to victims.

“The sick glamorisation of terrorism should have no place in a world where people well beyond Northern Ireland have sadly learned of its devastating impact on human life.”

The new mission in Mafia 3 also features anti-loyalist graffiti.

UUP councillor for Belfast, Jim Rodgers, said: "We went through 40 years of violence in which many lives were lost and people maimed. I knew there would eventually be some who would seek to exploit that to make money,”