Four young offenders abscond from Oberstown juvenile facility

Four young offenders abscond from Oberstown juvenile facility

Staff at the Oberstown juvenile facility report low morale as two young detainees absconded last Tuesday and two more fled on Sunday.

The Irish Independent reports that two of the boys have since returned and are back in detention, while the other two boys remain on at large. 

"The location of the boys who absconded on May 19 remains an operational matter for an Garda Síochána. Oberstown management will, in line with procedure, continue to liaise with the garda authorities as required," a spokesperson said.

Oberstown management have since launched a review into the escapes.

Meanwhile the Impact trade union, which represents the majority of staff at Oberstown warned that resources were stretched and staff were suffering with low morale.

"We are aware of a lot of issues and concerns among workers at the facility, with an increase in the number of incidents, including assaults, of particular concern," an Impact spokesperson said.

"We would have concerns for the health and safety of workers due to increasing demands.

In total, six boys have absconded from the Oberstown campus this year. In 2014, seven boys absconded but all were returned back to the facility.