Forecasters say we could be hit by remnants of Hurricane Joaquin

Forecasters say the remnants of Hurricane Joaquin may reach our shores
Forecasters say the remnants of Hurricane Joaquin may reach our shores

Forecasters are warning that, although it's too early to say for sure, Ireland and the UK could receive the remnants of Hurricane Joaquin.

High pressure throughout the country last week meant warm weather and clear skies for most - but that will change this week, said forecasters.

Dean Hall, from the Met Office, said Ireland and Britain could well be hit by the tail-end of the unpredictable storm this weekend. 

"There's a lot of uncertainty surrounding this weekend with the possibility of Hurricane Joaquin coming in," Mr Hall said.

 "There's the potential of it being quite wet and windy throughout."

Today began with widespread blustery showers and high winds.

Later today, it will be cloudy and misty with rain, heavy in places clearing gradually northwards during the morning, with drier, brighter conditions developing from the south. There will be scattered showers which will turn heavy and prolonged in southern counties by evening. 

Very mild and humid tonight, with heavy showers or longer spells of rain in many places at first, but showers will become more scattered overnight with good dry periods developing. Tonight will be very misty with fog developing overnight. 

On Tuesday, showers will be widespread with heavier spells of rain in western counties. 

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are expected to be unsettled, with scattered showers and some bright spells. Forecasters will know in the coming days if the remnants of Hurricane Joaquin will hit our shores. 

Hurricane Joaquin has hit America, Barbados and Bermuda this week, destroying homes and residences.