Footage shows brutal attack on Mountjoy inmate

Brutal: The prisoner suffered serious head injuries
Brutal: The prisoner suffered serious head injuries

TV3's 'The Joy' continues this week with shocking scenes of the worst attacks on prison staff in the history of the service along with a brutal assault on a prisoner.

A serious incident in the Challenging Behaviour Unit sees several officers hospitalised in a gruesome attack. .
Commenting on the incident, Chief Officer Paul Burke said: “I was in the circle area when the call from staff was put in. First thing you could see was two of the injured members coming back up the landing and blood was literally pouring from the two of them. 
“There’s a strange feeling around the prison after such a serious incident like that. So we have to try and reassure the staff going forward.”
Two of the injured guards were attacked with shivs, make-shift blades fashioned from toothbrushes and other instruments. 
Also featured in tonight's installment is footage of an attack on a prisoner in the yard by two other prisoners. The victim sustained serious head injuries following the attack. 
“I’d say it’s gang related, just different areas of Dublin, where he’s from and the prisoners on the wing he’s on at the moment,” Burke said.
“Although it’s pretty severe, a pretty severe injury it’s not the worst I’ve seen. I’ve seen some pretty horrific injuries over the years here. Just another one to add to the list here in Mountjoy.”
A chronic heroin addict who watched several family members suffer drug-related deaths will be one of the main subjects of TV3’s fly-on-the wall jail series. 
Paul Cummins (30), has more than 100 convictions and was given a seven-year sentence at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court in 2008 for robberies, escaping from  custody and discharging a firearm. 
Cummins will be seen on the show pining for his girlfriend, sparring with another inmate in the training yard and painting the prison’s walls in a bid to get into a more relaxed wing for good behaviour.

Up to 2008, Dubliner Cummins had not spent Christmas out of custody since he was 15 years old. He tells viewers than when he was a toddler he witnessed his father putting a needle into his mother’s arm and was told by his parents it was “medicine”.

His mother, Karen Cummins, once told a court that she and her husband were both heroin addicts during her son’s childhood and that there was “chaos and destruction and deaths in our family”.

She added: “My son is as much a victim as those people.” Karen said Paul was reared by her mother and he was devastated when she died. She said he was “very honest” and always admitted his crimes.

Judge Katherine Delahunt said Cummins had a “horrific history” of criminal activity and noted the victim impact reports outlined “the trauma which has arisen” from his offending.

Cummins hopes to be accepted for the prison’s training unit and said: “If I can get there, there is hope for others”.

'The Joy' continues tonight at 10pm on TV3. 

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