Footage of garda "striking protester with baton" appears online

Footage of garda "striking protester with baton" appears online

Footage from an anti NAMA protest in Gorey, Co Wexford has appeared online which shows a garda striking a protester with a retractable baton.

In the clip the officer can be seen attempting to arrest a protester over an alleged assault.

The man refuses to give the garda his name and pulls away from the officer as he attempts to arrest him.

The group, who were blocking a NAMA property auction, began to shout “arrest one arrest all” as the officer followed the man through the crowd of agitated demonstrators.

The protesters reminded one another to “remain peaceful, peaceful protest folks” while also crowding and blocking the arresting officer, scuffles promptly erupted as one man was knocked to the ground.

A group of demonstrators sat on the ground while others surrounded the arresting officer, chanting “shame” and “peaceful protest”.

A woman then appears to be knocked over, sparking another tussle, in the midst of which the arresting garda draws his baton and strikes an older man across the neck.

Footage by John Rooney 

A garda spokesperson said: We do no comment on videos posted by third parties on social media. However, if any individual wishes to make a complaint against a member of An Garda Síochána they may do so through Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission. 

The full video shot by John Rooney can be seen here.


GSOC have now opened an investigation into the video