Flood victim in fear of rat infestation after leaving waterlogged home

Flood victim in fear of rat infestation after leaving waterlogged home

A Cork woman is living in fear after rats descended upon her property in order to stay out of rising flood waters.

41-year-old Veronica Dilsworth from Cloyne Road, Middleton in Cork left her home last Friday due to rising waters.

"There's €200,000 worth of damage done to our home where we have lived for 17 years.

"When we went back the next day I was disgusted to see many, many rats down at the end of the garden.

"I'm not prepared to go into any of the bathrooms for fear that the rats could come up through the toilets," she said.

Veronica, her husband Joe and her three kids were forced to take shelter in a nearby hotel because their home has been ruined.

It could be more than eight months before they can move back to their flood ravaged home.

"I have three children, Leanne (20), Ryan (16) and Alex (11).

"They are all upset about what's happened for different reasons.

"Nearly all of their clothing has been destroyed," she said.

Veronica described how slurry mixed with flood waters to form a murky liquid that has caused extensive damaged to the property.

"The sewerage tank outside our house erupted and drowned into the soil.

"That slurry water then came up through the toilets and drains, into the house."

She admitted that the ordeal is taking its toll on both her and her husband.

"He's trying to be there for me and I'm trying to be there for him.

"We've been married for 13 years. He had a kidney transplant so I fear for him being in the flood waters," veronica said.

The family have flood insurance but the damage could run to more than €200,000