First taste of freedom for Black Widow Catherine Nevin

Catherine Neven
Catherine Neven

The notorious ‘black widow’ Catherin Nevin who was jailed for life in 2000 was in Inchicore, Dublin 8 yesterday to attend a class in addiction counselling.

Nevin was convicted for the murder of her publican husband Tom, in April 2000.

Now, fifteen years later, she is roaming the streets of Dublin after being approved for temporary release by the parole board.

The Mirror reports that Nevin was spotted walking down Dorset Street before taking the number 13 bus to her class in Inchicore.

The move to allow Nevin out on temporary release has sparked widespread speculation that her full release from jail is imminent.

The course she is taking is believed to be part of her pre-release plan to help her integrate back into society once freed.

Last October Nevin studied the same topic at Mounttown Community Facility in Dun Laoghaire, but was accompanied by a prison warder at all times.

Her husband Tom Nevin was shot dead at their Co Wicklow pub, Jack White’s, in 1996.

The gunman has never been found.

Catherine Neven pleaded innocent to her husband’s murder, but was convicted after a 42 day trial in August 2000.

She was also sentenced for soliciting men to kill her Tom.