First Dates no show admits hangover was reason he didn't appear

Patrick Mulholland
Patrick Mulholland

Meet the mystery man who was so hungover he stood up a stranger on national television.

Now he’s reached out to the Sunday World to make amends.

Never one to let an appearance on national television stop him from having a few scoops, Patrick Mulholland (29), stole the show on the debut episode of RTÉ’s First Dates for all the wrong reasons when he was a no-show.

The dapper Dubliner is now hoping to clear his name as the Sunday World plays matchmaker with the offer of a romantic meal for his jilted date.

“I didn’t deliberately stand the girl up. It was a very close friend’s 30th birthday and I was the designated driver for the night,” said Patrick.

“I was chauffeuring people to the party. It was around 12 o’clock and the lads were pleading with me to have one drink.”

Determined to bolster his nice-guy image, Blanchardstown’s very own Casanova admits it was a hangover that stopped him from sweeping his date off her feet.

“I had one drink and then one led to another, I ended up going to a party and went to bed at 5am. The date was at 2.30pm that day and I woke up at 2.10pm just splayed out on the couch. 

“I told the production company that I had a family emergency, but it was just the drink.”

Gorgeous dental hygienist Ciara was forced to endure an evening alone when he failed to show up for their pre-planned date in the cringe-inducing episode.

The Communications Officer for the Irish Defence Forces says he’d now love to wine and dine the Scouse stunner.

“Originally, the whole reason I went for the show was because of a bet. A friend of mine just said to me, ‘I bet you €50 to do it’.

“There was an online application, a phone interview, and then a meeting. I never watched the show before, but I didn’t think they would show someone being stood up. 

“I did feel bad when I saw her sitting there on her own. She looks like a lovely girl and I do apologise for standing her up. I was having drinks with friends in town when the episode aired and I got about 20 text messages from my mates, saying ‘that girl had to sit by herself all night’.

“But then she ordered Prosecco and I said ‘thank f**k’, I dodged a bullet there.

“I am sorry, but at the same time don’t be ordering Prosecco on my wallet. If she is looking for a man then maybe she needs to downgrade her drink preferences,” laughed the ladies’ man.

“In all seriousness, I would like to ask her to meet up again, so if you are reading this Ciara, I would love to take you out and make it up to you and make amends. I promise I will buy you a bottle of Prosecco.

“The reason I didn’t go was because I was looking after my friend. 

“If I have one fault it’s that I care so much about the people who are closest to me.

“That’s my one fault, I am too nice.”

First Dates airs on RTE Two on Thursday at 9.30pm