Fire crews respond to early-morning blaze in Dublin

DFB bring the fire under control
DFB bring the fire under control

Dublin Fire Brigade responded to a domestic fire in the west of the capital this morning.

The alarm was raised this morning shortly after 6am.

A platform, three water tenders, an ambulance and a district officer were all on the scene in Firhouse on Monday.

Officers worked to extinguish a fire in the roof area of the house.

ESB networks disconnected the power to the house.

A turntable ladder from Tara Street station fought the fire from above.

The detached house has been vacant for a long period of time. The fire appears to have started upstairs before taking hold quickly, gutting the bedrooms and causing the roof to collapse.

The ceilings of the ground floor could be seen to be glowing with fire from above.

It was not safe for fire crews to enter the building so the fire had to be fought from outside and above.