Fianna Fail TD’s email address listed in affairs site

Fianna Fail TD’s email address listed in affairs site

A Fianna Fail TD has had his e-mail address leaked by internet hackers who allege it was registered on the world's biggest infidelity website.

Computer hackers gained access to the entire database of Ashley Madison, a dating website for people who want to have affairs, and posted the names of all 37 million users, including details of 115,000 Irish people.

The politician, civil servants and esteemed third level academics were among those whose email addresses were listed.

A massive data dump was posted on Tuesday to the so-called 'dark web'.

The Fianna Fail TD last night rubbished claims his email address had been used to access the popular cheating website after it appeared among the massive cache of data.

A source close to the TD said that they were "taking the allegation very seriously" and stressed that the individual had "never heard of the website" until yesterday.

"There is nothing to it, and we are not going to facilitate any speculation around it," said the source. There are 21 Fianna Fail TDs - all men.

The Herald has also learned that some 300 email addresses linked to three of the county's most prestigious third-level institutions also feature on the leaked data list.

It alleges that some 224 signed up to the paid site using a Trinity College email address.

In the list, both students and staff at the prestigious Dublin city centre college have their '' email accounts listed.

Outside of the capital, 51 Cork Institute of Technology students who use the '' email accounts are also registered along with eight staff members with a '' login.

At least 18 University College Cork e-mail addresses are also alleged to have been registered.

Despite the seriousness of the security breach, a spokesperson for the Data Commissioner last night said that they would not be commenting on the situation. A spokesperson said that the "office is not in receipt of any queries from concerned individuals".

"In addition, the website is not Irish-controlled and accordingly it is outside the jurisdiction of this office," they continued.

A number of online commentators last night claimed that the number of Irish people affected by the security breach could rise as high 125,000.

One user - who claims to have searched through the list - said that 123,117 were connected with Irish accounts.

They claimed that 110,011 were male while females numbered just 13,106, with an average age in the mid-30s.

Three email addresses allegedly feature users with the prefix of ''.

In the UK, scientists working in a top secret defence laboratory and a female MP are among hundreds of public servants whose personal details have been published online as alleged users of the adultery website in a "serious breach" of government security.

Adam Cullen