Fianna Fail float plan for toll free M50

Free travel on the M50 has been proposed
Free travel on the M50 has been proposed

Fianna Fail are proposing changing the prices on the M50 depending on the time, with some trips being toll free.

Today's Irish Daily Mail carry the story that the radical plan will be announced in the party's election manifesto.

According to the report, the 'demand management' plan would see motorists who use the M50 between 6am and 7am and 10am and 11am travelling free of charge, in a move that is hoped would encourage more off-peak use of the road.

There would also be a reduced rate for motorists after 7pm.

The idea is that the new pricing plan would lead to more even flow of traffic over that day, reducing the huge volumes at peak times.

The party's traffic spokesperson, Timmy Dooley, told the paper that the idea was 'innovative' and that we need to make 'better use' of our roads.

Currently drivers pay between €2.10 and €3.10 to use the M50, depending if they use the eFlow system or not.

The Port Tunnel already has a sliding scale of charges in place depending on the time you travel through it.