Fathers anger after daughter's grave vandalised

Louise Diver died from a drugs overdose
Louise Diver died from a drugs overdose

A Strabane man has told of his hurt and anger after his daughter's grave was vandalised.

Davy Diver's Daughter, Louise Diver, was 20-years-old when she overdosed on prescription medication in March, 2015.

The volunteer youth worker who was studying childcare at North West Regional College was being targetted by bullies.

Her parents only learned of Louise's torment after her death.

The vandalism was discovered by Louise's mother, Caroline Woods, when she visited her daughter's grave last week at Strabane Cemetery.

Davy Diver told the Strabane Chronicle: “Caroline rang me in tears to tell me and I just couldn’t believe it when I saw it.

“Whoever did it, they must have lifted the ornaments out to take the stones. Someone suggested it might have been birds but there is no way birds could have done it.”

Another of Mr Diver's daughters died in England last year, and the body of his brother, Sean, was recovered from the River Foyle earlier this year.

He added: “Louise only passed away last March and we are still trying to come to terms with it. It’s not as if we don’t have enough to deal with after the wee girl in England and then Smurf [Sean].

“Whoever did this, they are lowlifes and they need to catch a grip of themselves. I was devastated and shocked when I saw it but it has left Louise’s brothers and sisters in a bad way too. The eldest son went out of his way to get the grave finished and the stones were bought in from England.

“The whole thing cost about £4,000 but it isn’t about the value, it’s about the fact that someone could steal something from a grave.”

The grave has been restored after last week's attack.

Fr Declan Boland,a local priest, said: “It defies comprehension that anyone would desecrate a grave, let alone that of a young girl whose life ended so tragically.

“I condemn this completely and it saddens me. It is deplorable and all it does is open up the wounds of a family trying to cope with their grief."