‘Fat' Freddie arrested following high speed chase in Dublin

'Fat' Freddie spotted in Crumlin at the weekend
'Fat' Freddie spotted in Crumlin at the weekend

Crime boss ‘Fat" Freddie Thompson was arrested by gardai after a high speed chase in central Dublin last night.

Officers chased Thompson for several miles from the Crumlin area into the south inner city.

Gardai eventually forced the car to stop at Cork Street where the driver fled.

Thompson, a well-known criminal boss, was found to be in the passenger seat.

He was arrested by detectives under drugs legislation and was searched. Officers were also suspicious over the clothes he was wearing.

The criminal figure was in a red Audi which had been spotted leaving the home of another major criminal figure.

The high speed chase then ensued at around 9.00pm.

Gardai across the city are on a heightened state of alert following two murders in recent days and detectives in the south Dublin division have initiated a major clampdown.

The division had been the epicentre of the Crumlin/Drimnagh feud which claimed 14 lives and where a gang linked to Thompson were seen as one of the major protagonists.

He is now aligned with the Kinahan cartel based in Marbella, Spain which is involved in a vendetta feud with the Hutch gang based in the north inner city.

The Hutch/Kinahan feud has led to two murders in the last five days – the Regency Hotel shootings and last night the cold blooded murder of Eddie Hutch sen

Eddie Hutch Snr was not centrally involved in any of the feuding and was seen as a “soft target.”

His murder has sickened investigators.

Meanwhile, following questioning and a search "Fat" Freddie Thompson was released from garda custody last night pending further inquiries.

Officers are hopeful his arrest may lead to charges in due course.