Family say sentence "a disgrace" for killer who mowed teen student down

Enda, 18, was a talented musician and athlete
Enda, 18, was a talented musician and athlete
William Casement leaves court (Pic Pacemaker)
William Casement leaves court (Pic Pacemaker)

The family of a teenage student who was mowed down by a drink driver have said that it is "a disgrace" that the driver has only been sentenced to three-and-a-half years in jail.

David Lee Stewart had consumed at least six pints of beer and four 'Jagerbombs' before he ploughed into 18-year-old Enda Dolan as he was walking along the Malone Road in October 2014.

Stewart continued to drive with the Queen's student's body on the roof of the car for 800 metres.

They then stopped and looked at Enda's body before speeding away and finally stopping when the vehicle crashed again.

Stewart was handed a seven year sentence yesterday after pleading guilty to five charges, including death by dangerous driving.

He was banned for driving for five years and told that he will serve half of his sentence behind bars.

Another passenger in the car, William Ross Casement, admitted to aiding and abetting dangerous driving and failing to stop at the scene.

He was put on probation for two years and was handed down 50 hours community service.

 The family of Enda Dolan leaves court

Outside the court, William Casement's father said: "I totally apologise to that young lad's mother and father, I really do from the bottom of my heart."

Enda Dolan's father, Peter, said that the family were considering appealing the sentences. 

He said: "I think it's a disgrace and it's an insult to ourselves.

"There are no words to describe how we feel."

Enda's mother, Niamh Dolan, who has since been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, said:  "It has absolutely ruined our lives - all of us.

"Not just the immediate family but his girlfriend, his friends - so many people, their lives have been affected, and there's been absolutely no remorse, none whatsoever, until Friday.

"We've never heard anything about remorse, and that really angers us."

In court it was revealed that Stewart and Casement had been drinking in the run up to a football match before getting in the vehicle.

After the van they were driving in hit Enda and carried his body for a distance, they stopped. 

Casement got out of the van and stood beside Enda's body. He then got back into the van and urged Stewart to leave.

Stewart, 31, from Grays Park Avenue in Belfast, and Casement, 21, from Belvoir Drive in the city, then drove on before crashing again.

When police arrived at the scene, Stewart initially refused to give a breath sample. When he finally did he was three times over the legal limit.

Enda, a first year architecture student from Killyclogher, County Tyrone, had been making his way back to the Elms student accommodation on the Malone Road.