Extra garda resources promised to tackle gangland 'violence and thuggery' in Dublin

Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald
Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald

Frances Fitzgerald, the Minister for Justice, has said that the Government will pour resources into policing Dublin against gangland crime.

Minister Fitzgerald, speaking in the Dail today, described the current level of gangland crime in Ireland as "shocking and disturbing", according to the Journal.

Condemning the "evil and sinister" criminals who have "no regard for public safety", the Minister laid out the strategy in place for dealing with gangland crime in the capital.

"The loss of life, including the life of those who played no part in gang related feuds, is intolerable.

"This violent feud is unprecedented in its audacity. The gangs show no regard for public safety.

"The events we have seen are outrageous.

"We must not let this record of improvement nor the safety and good name of our capital city be dragged down by the violence and thuggery of these gangs."

To protect the Irish public from criminals out on bail, the Minister said that legislation which will see bail refused for repeat offenders will be introduced.

The Minister also stated that a 55-person armed support unit is being readied for deployment in Dublin, while admitting that a cutback on garda resources has been a telling factor in the wave of gangland crime that has hit the county in recent weeks.

"I have assured An Garda Síochána that they have the full support of the Government in their efforts to disrupt gang-related crime and they will continue to access all resources necessary.

"[This includes] extensive overtime, to support them in delivering concentrated, visible policing measures to tackle gang-related crime."

Sinn Fein deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald stated that people in inner-city Dublin are "living in fear", stating that the Minister's comments wouldn't help those in communities where residents are worried about going out to the shop or the pub.

She called for a dedicated task force to be set up to deal with gangland crime in her constituency.