Exit polls suggest Conservatives to gain seats and be largest party

The polls in the UK have now closed
The polls in the UK have now closed

The ballot boxes have closed in the UK elections and it appears that, as expected, no party will hold an overall majority but the Tories are close.

The broadcasters Exit Poll are projecting that the Conservatives will get 316 seats, Labour will get 239 and that the Liberal Democrats will get 10.

UKIP are set to get just 2 and the SNP will take a monster 58, really hurting Labour.

If correct, it means that David Cameron is almost certain to remain as Prime Minister, and pehaps the Lib Dems will even remain in coalition with them.

However, a YouGov exit  poll reads a bit differently;

It has the Conservatives on 284, Labour on 263, the Lib Dems on 31, SNP 48, UKIP on 2, Green on 3 and Plaid Cmryu on 3.

More to follow...