Ex Dragon's Den star 'talked about young-looking girls', court hears

Ex Dragon's Den star 'talked about young-looking girls', court hears

A millionaire businessman "went on" about the Japanese trend for young-looking girls when he met an underage English girl for sex, a court has heard.

Former Dragons' Den star Doug Richard, 57, described his latest trip to the Far East before taking two teenagers, aged 13 and 15, to a rented room in Bishopsgate, London, in January last year.

The older girl refused his advances while her friend stripped naked, asked to be spanked and performed sex acts on the American, the trial heard.

In a videoed police interview, the 15-year-old described her impression of Richard when they initially met at a cafe after travelling down from Norwich.

While she did not know his name, he was bald, white, not very muscled, around 37 and "kind of boring", she said.

"He greeted us with a kiss on the cheek. He started talking about his trip to Japan and also girls. There is a trend there where girls dress up younger and make themselves look younger. He went on for a bit. It was kind of boring."

The girl said she had thought they were just going to "walk around London", but instead Richard took the pair to a rented apartment near Liverpool Street Station and introduced the topic of sex.

The girl, who cannot be identified, said: "He asked if I was into sex and wanted to be a slave and I said 'no I don't want to'.

"He said 'at least kiss me' and he kissed me with his tongue and he said I taste nice and then he went to (the 13-year-old) and kissed her and he said she tastes good as well."

When Richard told the younger girl to take her clothes off, the witness said she became confused - "like, woah what's going on."

After her friend had sex with Richard in the bedroom, she was "a mess" and the defendant handed each girl £60.

The witness said: "I was really shocked. I did nothing but I still got money.

"He said to me he was really not annoyed but disappointed that I'm not really into having sex with him and that."

The 15-year-old girl told police that she had joined the sugar daddy website first but had deleted her profile because she did not get any messages.

She then told her younger friend about the site because "it turns out me and her both wanted a sugar daddy," she said.

It was there that the 13-year-old first made contact with Richard, the court heard.

Asked why she went on the site, the older girl said: "Just because boys my age do not understand anything and take the relationship much more seriously and everything.

"If you have a sugar daddy they can take care of you. Boys just want to have sex."

Richard, of Islington, north London, denies wrongdoing.