Elderly motorist robbed by thug posing as garda

The incident happened in Monaghan
The incident happened in Monaghan

A MAN impersonating a member of the gardai stopped and robbed an elderly man on a rural road yesterday.

At around 4.45pm the motorist was stopped by a jeep at Creeve, near Scotch Corner in Co Monaghan.

The elderly motorist was then approached by a man impersonating a garda and robbed of his wallet.

The robber then made his escape in the jeep.

A search was conducted for the vehicle by gaidai from Monaghan.

The jeep, now known to be stolen, was later located at Corlust, Castleshane, Co. Monaghan and a man in his 50s arrested.

A second man, in his 40s, was arrested afterwards in Creighanroe, Castleblayney.

Both are currently detained under the provisions of Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act 1984 at Monaghan Garda Station.

This incident is just the latest in a spate of similar incidents.

Earlier this week a woman in Wexford became the third victim of this type of deception in the south east of the country.