Major disruptions and outages for Eircom, eMobile and Meteor customers

Major disruptions and outages for Eircom, eMobile and Meteor customers

Eircom are advising customers of a major outage across the country.

Update 14.53: eircom have issued a new statement on the situation

We have been advised that service to Dublin 01 numbers is back working normally and mobile traffic is working but at a slightly reduced capacity.

We will add more information as it becomes available.

As we continue to experience issues with Freephone calls into our call centres the following is a list of numbers on which you can contact us.
These numbers should allow customers to contact us by bypassing the Freephone issue.

Please note customers will be charged local or national rates (where applicable)

It is also essential the customer call the correct number in order to route to the correct location

Consumer Care Fixed 01 765 2599
Business Care Fixed 01 765 2633
Broadband Technical Support 01 765 2798

Meteor Care Bill Pay 01 765 2036
Meteor Care Pay As You Go 01 765 2037

emobile Care Bill Pay 01 765 2039
emobile care Pay As You Go 01 765 2752
emobile care Business 01 765 2035

Ent/Gov/Commercial Business    01 468 8530
01 468 8530
eMobile Business Care 01 701 1450

The issue is effecting mobile and landline services while customers with ISDN lines are also unable to make calls.

Calls from eMobile or Meteor to the tech support number will not connect and users will receive a message stating that.

Eircom have released a statement on the issue asking users to report bugs on their system.

To our customers

We have been advised of a major issue affecting mobile and landline services within out network. Customers with ISDN lines seem to be effected whereby they cannot make calls.
Calls from eMobile or Meteor network to 1890 260 260, Broadband Tech Support team or to 1800 numbers will receive a message saying we cannot connect your call. We are working to resolve this issue as soon as we can and will keep you updated here.

This issue has also affected calls in to our customer care centres. If you do wish to log a fault or report any issue please log fault here or contact our Webchat team or you can post us here to the eircom community.
eircom Customer Care

Dublin Fire Brigade are warning the public that there may be issues contacting the emergency service.

This outage caused a rather perturbed Adrian Kennedy to take to his Twitter.