Dwyer was a monster, says woman he plotted to murder

Darci Day: Dwyer was a monster
Darci Day: Dwyer was a monster

The woman Graham Dwyer plotted to murder before Elaine described Graham Dwyer as a “monster” who told her: “I’ve already taken a life.”

Darci Day, who lives in Maine in the US, met Dwyer online.

She said when she was suicidal he planned to stab her to death while they had sex before burying her body.

Gardai found photoshopped pictures of Darci with her throat slit on Dwyer’s computer.

“It’s a sickness,” she told the Mirror. “I think it’s completely and totally a sickness that he has got that he has no way to control.

“I wish I could have done something to stop Elaine’s death. I never thought he was serious. I honestly thought it was just fantasy for him. That is why I had so much shock when the detective showed up.”

She said Dwyer was a “monster”. “He could commit another murder if he hasn’t prior. I don’t think they have any evidence to suggest he could have but he told me he had. I don’t think they had me say that in my testimony. He is a danger. He is a very dangerous person – a monster.”

Gardai found a document called “Killing Darci” on Dwyer’s computer.

In it he wrote a detailed account of how he would rape, torture and murder Darci before burying her body.

She said testifying in the trial was "the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life".

She asked Elaine’s family for forgiveness for not coming forward sooner.

"I just pray [Elaine's] family can forgive me for not speaking up in the beginning," she said.

"I'm still a little overwhelmed... but my main message will remain the same. After staring into the face of darkness and then overcoming my past, my message will remain as such - never let your past define you but rather let it teach you and help you grow.

"We all have made mistakes that we are not proud of and this has been my biggest mistake."

Darci was only allowed give evidence by video link from the US after Judge Tony Hunt reversed a decision to have her evidence excluded after Dwyer sent her a Christmas card to her home address.

In the card he said he was innocent and was being blamed for a suicide. He also wished her and her dog Bruno a happy Christmas.

The jury never heard about the car but the judge said the only conclusion that could be drawn from it was that Dwyer was trying affect Darci’s evidence.



The jury was never told about the card, and Mr Justice Tony Hunt said the only conclusion that could be drawn from it was Dwyer was trying to affect Darci Day's evidence.

As a result of the card she was allowed give evidence by video link.

Darci told how struggled a lot with depression from an early age. She said she was at a low point in her life when she was using “I don’t think I could ever be that low ever again in my life. I saw a lot of scary stuff and pain. That is what pushed me in the directions of finding the stuff. It was more of an outlet for people I could talk to. At the time in was so submersed in it.

“He stands out now because of what he has been convicted of.”

She said she has turned her life around since ending her online contact with Dwyer.

She has found God and said she hopes by telling her story

“The only reason I wanted to speak is in the hope I can help others. I have given my life to God now. I pray each and every day for Elaine and her family.

“I have even said prayers for Graham and his family. His children did nothing to have the father they have.”