Dunnes Stores announce large online sale on day of strike

Dunnes Stores announce large online sale on day of strike

On the day that 6,000 of their workers go on strike for better conditions, Dunnes Stores have announced a large sale for online customers

Today, 6,000 Mandate Union members who work at Dunnes Stores are manning pickets across 109 of the company's 112 shops up and down the country. The issues at the heart of the one-day action are low-hour contracts and a desire for greater job security with the company.

Mandate trade union General Secretary John Douglas told Morning Ireland today: "There are over 6,000 workers on strike this morning in a fight for decent pay and decent conditions of employment.

"That's all these workers want. They only want certainty on how much money they are going to earn week-to-week.

"At the moment, 80% of Dunnes Stores workers haven't a clue, beyond 15 hours, how many hours they are going to work from week-to-week. So, you can't plan your life, you can't plan your future and there's no financial security and it's unfair," he said.

However, on the day that the workers stand together in protest, the company has launched an offer on Twitter to entice shoppers to their online store.

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