Dublin woman says seagull stole her mobile phone

Menace: Seagull
Menace: Seagull

A Dublin woman has revealed she was the subject of a robbery at the hands (or claws) of a winged menace.

Seagulls are becoming an increasing hazard in cities and seaside towns. They are becoming a lot more ambitious in their targeting of food stuff, for instance. 

For example, I recently witnessed a seagull swoop in and snatch a McDonald's double cheeseburger from the clutches of a very hungry-looking woman on Grafton Street. She was not impressed. 

Also, last week a family in the UK revealed a gang of seagulls had attacked and killed their little Yorkshire Terrier

Now, it seems as if robbing our food and killing our pets isn't enough. They want our phones. 

A Dublin woman, Vanessa Keegan, has gone on radio to reveal she was innocently making a phone call in the Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin, when a daredevil seagull swooped and snatched the device right out of her hands.

"He had my phone in his beak and he just flew right up over my shoulders," she said on 98FM. 

She gave chase but unfortunately the bird dropped the phone into a pond.

She reported the incident to Gardaí, who merely laughed her out of the station. 

"I had to write out a report of how it was stolen, so I went indiscreetly to the police station," Vanessa told Newstalk. 

"He just started to read how the phone was stolen and when he got to the seagull part I could see him laughing to himself ... and when he came back out he kind of said ‘a seagull took your phone’? I thought out of the police station I’d never get."

Meanwhile Senator Denis O'Donovan has today raised the matter in the Seanad, describing the birds actions as "endangering society".

"I think it's important that we should look at a cull on this vicious seabird, which are invading towns and villages," he said.

"They've actually killed lambs, they've killed rabbits," he added. 

British Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday called for seagulls protected status to be scrapped following attacks on people and animals.