Dublin woman gives birth to baby doctors told her was dead for over a month

Joy: Ms Nolan gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Friday
Joy: Ms Nolan gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Friday

A Dublin woman has who just given birth to a healthy baby boy has described how she was told the unborn child was dead for over a month.

Aimee Nolan (26) was told by doctors at an embattled hospital in the midlands that her unborn baby had no foetal heartbeat before finding out two days later the baby was perfectly alive and healthy.

The 26-year-old Dubliner received an apology from a consultant obstetrician at Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise after the distressing incident in December. 

Management at the hospital acknowledged the incident had caused a substantial amount of distress to the pregnant mother and her family.

The 26-year-old said she was bewildered after finding out the original scan was incorrect, and said she didn't know how to feel at the time.

"Joy, anger, shock; I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, lash out, ask what the hell happened," she said.

"Why were we told our baby was dead and then when we come in two days later it’s not measuring nine weeks, it’s actually measuring 14 weeks and it has a heartbeat?"

Ms Nolan, who is originally from Dublin but living in Co Offaly, spoke at the time of how she was 14 weeks pregnant when she when a GP during a regular check-up advised her to go to hospital over a possible foetal heartbeat problem.

A doctor at the hospital carried out a scan on on the pregnant mother and told her there was no heartbeat and it appeared the baby was dead and had not grown for five weeks.
"She turned to me and I knew there was something immediately wrong by the look on her face," Ms Nolan told RTE's 'Prime Time'.
"She couldn't detect a heartbeat and said that our baby was actually dead and had not grown. I am 14 weeks' pregnant and she said that it was nine weeks, so it had more than likely been dead for five weeks."
However, when she arrived at the hospital two days later to prepare for the miscarriage of her unborn baby, it was discovered the baby was still alive and of correct gestational size. 
"All the doctors just looked at each other," Nolan said. "I asked was that a heartbeat that I could see on the monitor and she said: 'yeah'."
Last Friday, Nolan gave birth to a healthy baby boy - but she says the incident has given her an uneasy feeling about pregnancy. 
"It was hell. I really enjoyed my pregnancy on my first child, but this time around it was nerve-racking. I couldn’t sleep before appointments. I still keep looking at him, he’s a miracle," she told Midlands Radio
She said that she is delighted to have her second son Evan home with his older brother, Jack.
"It’s amazing to hold him. We’re thrilled to have him home."