Dublin taxi driver denies role in gun attack on ex wife

Catherine Delaney McCormack
Catherine Delaney McCormack

A Dublin taxi driver and father of nine has turned to the media to rubbish accusations that he had any role in a gun attack on his ex-wife in 2008.

John Delaney, who has no connection with criminality whatsoever and who was never arrested in connection with the incident, believes there were two people involved in the shooting and he stated that he hoped that his former wife would get justice.

Mr Delaney spoke to The Star today to categorically deny he had any part to play in a shocking gun attack that resulted in his ex-wife being hit by 12 bullets in her home in Clondalkin.

Catherine Delaney McCormack was shot at her front door by a masked gunman in June 2008 while her children watched but she miraculously survived the incident.

John Delaney has now turned to the media to refute rumours he has heard that he had something to do with the attack.

"A person is spreading rumours saying that I was behind it and one minute I apparently shot her, another minute I paid to have her shot," Mr Delaney told the Star.

"What is being said out there is insinuating that I was behind it all, which is not true," he added.

Catherine has long campaigned for the Gardai to solve the case and she told us last year that she believes they have abandoned her.

“I thought I was dead that night," she told us in December 2014. "I know it is an absolute miracle that I survived at all because the doctors told me. 

“I was six months recovering, but since then the nightmare has continued. It is as if the Gardai just forgot about me.

“There was no-one arrested and I don’t hear from them. Had I been murdered there would have been an outcry. It is as if I am being punished because I survived.”

Mr Delaney, who split with Catherine in 2007, has also called for justice and for an end to the whispers about him.

"The accusation is absolutely rubbish, and I mean rubbish," he told the Star.

"I had absolutely nothing to do with any of her shooting. I never even heard a gun go off in my life and I'm certainly not going to put my kids' life at risk."