Killiney mansion is “just a bog standard home" says head of Land League

This bog standard home was once valued at €30million
This bog standard home was once valued at €30million
Killiney mansion is “just a bog standard home" says head of Land League

The head of the New Land League Jerry Beades somehow managed to keep a straight face as he told Tonight with Vincent Browne that the palatial Killiney mansion ‘Gorse Hill’ was “just a bog standard home”.

"I'm talking in terms of lavishness and luxury, the house is a very very simplistic house," he told Browne, who then rolled some footage showing the mansion’s outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts and uninterrupted views of Killiney bay.

Jerry then retracted a little by saying "It's bog standard for that area. "

"You're ridiculous” replied Browne, before he referred to the historical significance of the phrase the 'Land League' saying it was set up in the 1870s to help impoverished tenants who were being ripped off by their landlords.

Beades, who refused to stop interrupting the veteran broadcaster, was then removed from the show.

High profile lawyer Brian O’Donnell and his wife, psychologist Mary Patricia O'Donnell had defaulted on various liabilities to Bank of Ireland, which in December 2011 obtained judgment for €71.5 million against them.

The Supreme Court rejected an appeal earlier this year by O’Donnell’s children by Blaise, Blake, Bruce and Alexandra, to block the repossession of the Vico Road house.

Last month the children were given until today to leave the property overlooking Killiney Bay so it can be taken over by a bank-appointed receiver.

In a last-ditch effort to stop the banks taking his house, Brian O’Donnell has invited members of the Land League anti-repossession movement to stay with him in the house.

Twitter went into overdrive following the bizarre comment