Dublin man shed tears after realising he had won half a million euro in EuroMillions draw

The man picked up his prize with his family at the National Lottery offices in Dublin today
The man picked up his prize with his family at the National Lottery offices in Dublin today

The lucky Dubliner who took the top prize in Tuesday's EuroMillions Plus draw cried when he was told he had won €500,000.

There was a family gathering with a difference today as one lucky Dublin man arranged to meet his family at the National Lottery offices in Dublin to pick up a cheque for €500,000 after winning the EuroMillions Plus top prize in Tuesday's draw.

"They wouldn't have believed me if they hadn't seen it with their own eyes," laughed the plucky Dubliner as he introduced his extended family.

The man bought his ticket at the Tom Stanley Newsagent in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre on the day of the draw.

The lucky Dublin punter exclaimed that they would not be celebrating their huge win had it not been for his perseverance with his lucky numbers, as his wife sat sheepishly sipping champagne while her husband revealed how his win might never have happened if he actually listened to his spouse!  

"I would be a very superstitious Lotto and EuroMillions player. I always do my own lucky numbers for every draw which my wife wasn’t overly happy about.

"She's always nagging me for buying my Lotto and EuroMillions tickets. She used to tell me that I hadn't a chance of winning so I’m very happy to prove her wrong," he smirked.

The loving husband excitedly explained that his wife would be central to all of the upcoming celebrations which he had already been planning prior to his big win.

"It's my wife's birthday over the weekend so I wanted to get her something very special to celebrate. I was under a little bit of pressure financially so I was resigned to using my credit to get her something nice. We can now celebrate in style without worrying about the credit card bills arriving in the post," he smiled.

The Dubliner first realised that he may have had a winning ticket when he was waiting for his daughter to finish school. 

"I was sitting in the car outside the school waiting to collect my daughter when I remembered to check my EuroMillions ticket. I scanned the ticket on the National Lottery App and it told me I was a winner and it gave me a number to call.

"I still didn't know how much I had won so I called the number and gave them all of the details on my ticket. When I was told that I had won a half million euros, I just started crying. I felt an overwhelming sense of relief that is impossible to describe."

When asked for his thoughts on his plans for his €500,000 win, the Dublin man stated that his family was the most important aspect of his win. 

"First thing is first, we will be buying our own home in the area we are in now. To be able to say that we will be mortgage free without having to pay any rent again is incredible. It will have such a stabilising effect for us and all of the kids to have a home which we can truly call our own," said the proud dad.